Volkswagen Tyres

Volkswagen Tyres

In this section you’ll find everything you need to know to get the best from your tyres. From how to check the tread depth and tyre pressures, to understanding why it’s important to choose the right tyre for your Volkswagen.

Your Volkswagen Tyres

When it comes to making sure your Volkswagen’s tyres are in good nick, talk to us. Our priority is your safety, as well as the optimal performance of your Volkswagen. We’ll gladly health check your tyres, but also encourage you to check your tyre pressures, general wear and tear and tread depth once a month.

Tyre Safety & Legislation

At Volkswagen, we want to ensure that your tyres comply with the legal requirements, which means being safe on the roads and understanding the importance of choosing the right tyre. That’s why we're members of TyreSafe one of the UK’s leading tyre safety organisations.

Looking for new tyres?

Please contact your local retailer to see which tyres you require and pricing information.