Think Blue.

Think Blue lets you take a step into our next generation of electric cars and BlueMotion technologies which help you to save money on fuel and cut down on CO2 emissions!!!

Isn't that worth thinking about?

BlueMotion. Five clever ways to save.

Save every time you stop

Our Start/Stop technology saves fuel and therefore cuts emissions by automatically switching off the engine when the car isn't in motion.

Save every time you brake

Our Brake Energy Recuperation system saves fuel by making the most of energy that's usually lost when you brake.

Save every time you move

Our low rolling resistance tyres save you fuel by reducing the friction between the tyre and the road, meaning it takes less energy - and less fuel - to go further.

Save every time you accelerate

Our turbocharged engines deliver more power when you need it and use less fuel when you don't.

Save every time you drive

Our aerodynamic BlueMotion models are designed to cut through the air with ease, saving you fuel and saving you money.

BlueMotion Two easy ways to get it.

To drive a car with these technologies look out for 'BlueMotion Technology' or 'BMT' in the engine description when browsing the range.

Alternatively, our flagship BlueMotion models which are available on Polo, Golf, Golf SV, Golf Estate, Passat, and Passat Estate also feature aerodynamically optimised design as well as all of the great fuel saving BlueMotion Technologies.

Both are great ways to Think Blue.