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If only everything was as reliable as a Volkswagen.

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Factory and Production Production that protects our world

We make protection of our environment an integral part of our whole process from product planning and development to the recovery of end-of-life vehicles. So when we develop a new car we not only look at the whole life of the vehicle, but also at improving its final recovery.

All the engineers involved in our development process use internal guidelines and in-depth information to help them create cars that are as recyclable as possible. In addition to avoiding the use of hazardous substances, we are also increasingly using recycled materials. We label the materials of all applicable vehicle components to help identification and subsequent recycling.

And when we've done all that we check the environmentally friendly properties of our new car in a recycling analysis. The details are given to recycling companies to ensure environmentally friendly recycling at the end of a vehicle's life.

You can find further information about recycling and environmental protection in the development of our vehicles by visiting our Motability and sustainability website.